C rating on battery

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Arrma RC's
What type of c rating should I be looking for on my battery's ? I have 2 2s at 30c is that sufficient or should it be higher I understand that it's the max current draw buy not sure as to what the kraton can take thank you in advanced
C rating is kind of a joke. There is no industry standard for it and the ratings are not consistent across brands. Not sure how @WoodiE feels about direct links to other forums, but there are some very informative posts about this over on the big 'groups' forum. That being said, once you decide on a brand, I would suggest the highest C you can afford. Just don't use C rating to decide on a brand!

Clear as mud? Lol
Not sure how @WoodiE feels about direct links to other forums...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I'm unlike most other sites. I actually want to help promote the hobby and sharing of information even if that information isn't on this site. So please do link to the useful information on other blogs, forums, social media accounts and yes even so called "competing" forums.

@Travisf90 - to your question, to better understand C rating I would certainly suggest checking out this website "The variable C and how it applies".
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