Can an ESC make a motor run cooler?

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Hey all,

Recently i purchased a castle 1520 and I paired it with a Mamba Monster X esc. The motor ran quite warm and was making some pretty awful noises, so I sent it back to castle. Anyways, I posted something about this on Facebook, and one of the guys recommended the Mamba Monster X 8s esc as it would help the motor run cooler. I'm honestly not sure how this would work as the esc only supplies current to the motor right?

Anyways, just trying to figure out if there is any truth in this theory or not.

The ESC doesn't affect current or performance to any great degree. Having a higher amp-rated ESC simply means your ESC will be less stressed and run cooler!
Watts = Amps x Volts and you are using one ESC for each motor. If you use 3S batteries at 11V under load, the current from the ESC will be about 150 / 11 or 13.6A. We can call that 14A for round numbers. So comparing the 14A load to your 18A rated ESC, it will be running at 78% (150W / 14A = 78%) of it's rating. For example only
Don’t ask me to explain the science behind it, but I was in the same exact position with a 1520 and MMX6S in an Infraction. My motor and ESC were both heating up more than I’d like.

I moved an MMX8S from a different rig into the Infraction and my motor temps dropped significantly 🤷‍♂️. And the ESC temps are fine as well.

Hopefully someone smarter than me will show up to explain why.
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Yes, it can especially on higher current setups,
Castle esc with cryo drive that automatically adjust timing will make big difference on some motors
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