Can I dremel the motor mount?

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Question might sound stupid. But i was wounder whats the most i can cut to fit a bigger pinion gear. 28/46 barely fits.
In the area where the motor bolt to the mount. I want to run 30 plus pinion gear
Someone on the 1/8th fb group did it a while back, I asked him to post pics but he never did. Can't remember who it was.

Another guy said he was using this motor mount as an alternative. When I asked if anyone else had experience with it one guy said he did. Said it was fine for speed runs but won't hold up to bashing.
Im look into it. Im also go to a machine shop to have center diff mount and motor mounts made to accept bigger gears. Im tired of the endless night tryin to find parts so im just going to make parts to replace the weak parts on the vehicles
Well i elongated the hole to fit a bigger pinion gear and it held up fine. No problem or flexing. Sorry bout the pix forgot to take them before putting back together.



Its geared 26/50 and here is a better pix without the fan wire blocking the bottom bolt.

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