Granite Can putting a brand new spur gear in make the RC truck sound a little more rough?

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I just installed a whole new slipper clutch assembly due to my hub getting stripped out from the rear input gear and noticed that it sounds a little different than it did prior. The motor is fine as I check that independently. I am just curious if I having the brand new spur gear, that seems a lot more sharp than my old one that was about two years old can have a different sound to it under load? Thank you.
Gears material has a big impact on noise. Just listen to a 3s and 6s truck side by side.

But more than anything, since it's still plastic, gear mesh will drastically change sound/pitch/volume more than anything else. I'd check that first.
I'd be checking my mesh regardless.
If your old gear was 2 years old it certainly had a little wear on it. Always reset the mesh with a gear change. Yours may continue to work and quieten down over time as the pinion eats into the new spur reducing its lifespan!
Yes.. it will have that crispy "click-clack" like new.. just a few packs and the sound change will be significant.. break that sucker in.. should be good if you set mesh correctly and inputs are good
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