Can you run NIMH batteries on a Brushless

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Arrma RC's
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Im thinking of getting a brushless system and all i have is 3 NIMH batteries and 1 Peak Racing 2s Lipo and no charger for a lipo
Normally not a problem. The 1/10 scale brushless Arrmas (and maybe 1/8 too?) come stock with them. Check the specs on the esc you want to use to make sure though. The voltage your pack puts out (i.e. the type and cell count) plays a pivotal role in motor selection (kV) and appropriate final gear ratio, so be sure to account for that. You should also try to pick a motor and gear ratio that will work well, or can easily be converted to work well, with 2s lipo. It is not a question of if but when if you know what I mean.
Im pretty sure you can use nihm on a brushless
But short run time

Mah is mah, doesn't matter if it is Nicad, nimh, or lipo. So run time is not affected much at all if you are talking the same capacity. Lipo will hold its voltage (and therefore performance) best throughout the cycle though.
Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you meant nimh has a short run time compared to lipo. I don't have much experience with brushed, but from what I have found brushless run times are pretty similar.
Its what i have noticed on my rustler brushless
I onky habe a short run time with nihm battery
But then again i have never use lipo on it
So hard for me to compare
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