Can't believe it's almost Xmas!

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1 month left! Wow how this year has just flown by?!? Feels like it was just yesterday since I last overdosed on food from the last Xmas and soon I'm about to do it all over again.

you all have your Christmas lists ready? ;)
Well...Same here...Working up to Sinter Klaas, going on to X-mass and the New Year...:)
A pretty busy and nice part of the year...;)
Also crossing over to spring as of the 21 of december...:D...Which means the season to drive and bash is coming around again...
I can only hope for an Arrma sized box under the tree, but don't think that's on the cards for this Xmas, wife wouldn't know what to buy.
The Fury we bought is for my son's birthday. Maybe under the tree I will have me some RC tools and he will have a set of tires and battery packs :)
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