Kraton Castle 2200 Kv

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Guys - anyone have a thought on replacing my stock engine with a Castle 2200Kv Motor? My LHS says its a LOT more powerful and would be fine with the BLS 185 Esc... its actually for my Senton but Im thinking it might be better with the Kraton....



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Momba monster 2 or the 8th? Installed the monster in both my Kraton and Talion. Awesome speed and power, you will definitely need a wheelie bar. Also you will need to take the faceplate off the castle and drill and tap to M4, very easy to do. I recommend getting the castle ESC also. You will be able to run 3,4,5,or 6s. And you can program it with castle link. Stick with the monster, the 8th easily burnes up.
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