Castle Creations vs. Hobby Wing

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Hello all,

I am upgrading my Mojave at the moment...And I am looking for a new ESC/Motor combo...:)
I saved up a bit (still no job :banghead:)...Butt I can afford something now...So I am looking at Castle and Hobby Wing combo's...They are about the same price...They are around the same specs...Why should I go with the one or the other?...o_O

Please enlighten this padawan oh mighty RC jedi's...:D

Thx in advance for the answers, fun, jokes and other remarks...

And btw, best whises for 2017...May your year be with big jumps and little damage!...

aka Aflan
I haven't bought anything Castle since 07 or so. Not because they are a bad company, or I hate them or anything. Just solely based on price.
Last Caslte product i bought was the 10a bec for my Kraton,the bec went up in flames taking my $100 servo and rx with it.Also had a Caslte in one of my helicopters that also went up in flames.They may be good electronics but my HW stuff has never done that.
All depends on what you need or want, castle has alot more options of sensored or unsensored motors now. I went with a hobbywing xerun sct pro for my slash and love it. Hobbywing / Leopard make motors and escs for alot of companies. You can also try kershaw designs setup if you're on a budget, his descriptions may help you understand better of what to expect performance wise.
I've always seen Castle as much more money... Not sure where you're seeing the same prices. Either over paying for the Hobbywing or a great deal on the Castle, or both...

But in any case - I chose Hobbywing all the way based on price. I had a Castle setup in my Brushless E-revo that I've sold, and can admit Castle is a better product. I have the Max 8 in my Tekno ET48.3, and of course the Hobbywing ESC's my Arrma's, and know that they're more value for the $ in my humble opinion.

But again - I feel Castle is no doubt better.
I just backed off from a Castle Sidewinder SCT combo because the internal BEC will not handle powerful servo's like Savox among other.

A solution is to add a separate BEC regulator. But that means soldering again, and more cables and stuff on your 2WD "simple" RC.
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