Castle MMX Problem

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I was out bashing with my brother yesterday when suddenly my Kraton stopped and it had no power to the motor or servo.
I went over, unplugged the battery, plugged it back in and tried again, but nothing still.

I went home and while I was washing off my truck, the positive lead pulled out of the ESC. The wire looks corroded in the bottom of the ESC. Has anyone else ever seen anything like this?

So tomorrow I'm going to try unsolder the rest of the wire out of the ESC and re solder the lead back in.

I have had the pins corrode and break off on my last mmx and the power leads were corroding pretty bad but not enough to break yet. I replaced it with a still in the package MMX I bought as a spare when I bought the other mmx that broke. My logging actually shows a 40 amp jump to 190amps from 150amps in the same rig, same gearing, same exact battery. I'm guessing you'll see a performance increase because all that corrosion reducing power output on the esc. Running your rc in snow that has road salt mixed up in it will corrode those leads like acid in a short amount of time too.
I can tell you from experience trying to make stereo systems work in jet skis, that is water intrusion / corrosion of the wire. Moisture sat in there and corroded it to the breaking point.
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