Castle MMX8S + 1717 Datalog read wrong temperature and goes in thermal

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Hey Guys, i gotta problem with my car.
The esc goes in motor thermal secure but the temp is reading wrong
The 1717 was before in my limitless v2 with xlx2 and i hadn't any issue yet.
Reading 0,1 degree° straigt.
Now have a look at my datalog
I replugged the sensor wire a couple of times, the pins are looking good and yes...

The line that goes up and down is the motortemp...
U see there is no load and it goes from negative to positive in half an second..

Someone else know why that could happen ?

The motor was cold...i measured with thermometer also ofc.
Its just wrong measure? But why :(



Are your Data logs cleared out? Try clearing the old logs out. Then retry.
Also, I've seen where the sensor port's pin outs can get dirty. These signal frequencies over the sensor leads can be erratic at times. and I notice its the motor Temp circuit that is most susceptible. Check for corrosion. Maybe use an electrical contact spray on the pinouts.. Also try cleaning out the Motor and the Sensor board. Where the Thermister ( temp sensor) is located.
Sometimes it is just a bad Sensor wire. Not even visible to the naked eye. Try swapping the sensor cable. I had this happen with my HW Sensored ESC ( XR8_Plus) Inaccurate /erratic/erroneous motor Temps.
Some food for thought.
I don't own any CC ESC's.
Ofc i did a couple of time and i told the Pins (contacts are looking fresh :s) the motor was run 2 times in my limitless and did well. Now i swapped over and got issue.
So far, if the Problem is the sensor Board inside of the motor, actually the sensor Mode wont run properly..

Maybe someone else had the same issue..

Dear Justin:)


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