Castle Sidewinder SCT motor & esc combo

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I a castle sidewinder sct motor and esc combo in my arrma fury mega today. what a crazy difference!!!

i was wondering what spur and pinnon gears i should look into to keep my top speed as high as possible.

photo 1 (1).JPG
photo 2 (1).JPG
I have that exact castle system in an ecx torment 2wd. It is currently geared with 19t pinion and 87t spur but I can run 2 5300mah packs through it and it stays super cool so I know there is a good bit of room to gear up from there.

I would recommend getting the robinson racing pinion gear set. They come with I believe 6 different sized gears so you can gradually (2 teeth at a time) walk the gears up until your either fast as you want or hit the heat threshold for that system.
RRP1050 is the part number for the 48 pitch "even" gears. It's just the even numbers between 16-26

that is what I used on the Ecx, because it has 48pitch gears stock. I am not sure if the stock arrma comes with 48 pitch gears or not.
I think the 15t pinion is stock size. You would want to try maybe a 17 or 18 tooth pinion to start going faster.

Also make sure your car comes with the 32 pitch gears before ordering a new pinion.

You want the gear pitch to stay the same but to get more top speed you either need to increase teeth on the pinion gear, or decrease teeth on the spur gear.
Reason i picked them is bc i believe my fury mega came with 18/87 and the 35mph+ is using 15/57 as seen in the picture below thats all..

this make since
Gotcha. it looks like you have the 48 pitch gears then. You can use that 15t -57 combo but you will also need to purchase AR310405
that is the 57t spur that is the correct pitch

if you ran that and were comfortable with the temps you had afterward, you could also make the jump to AR310404 which is the 54 tooth spur on the chart that will increase your top speed even more!

I recommend making the switch to the bigger pitch gears. they are a bit noisier but very easy to mesh and are strong.
whats a bigger pitch 32 or 48? just so i know if i get something else, there seems to be a lot of different types
32 pitch gears are bigger than 48. to make it more confusing there is also "mod .8" mod .8 gears work with 32pitch

here is a picture showing the difference, and why 48 and 32 don't mesh together. left pinion is 32p right is 48p

ok thanks, it makes alot more since to me now. im going to pick up a 15T & 17T pinion and 57T & 54T spur and try out some combos all in 32p or .8 mod

thanks again for all you help
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