castle sidewinder SV3 motor /esc combo install


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Hello everyone , just recently replaced my son's granite motor . Total runs about 38 since we bought it a month ago. Question I have in mind is motor have warranty? I did the cleaning after every run, motor dusted, oil parts and dried anything that needs to be religiously since this is my son's first hobby toy. We just run it on low cut grass and hard soil. It had the stock motor that came with it granite mega 2016. Second question is after neu castle sidewinder SV3 install we did run in on motor for few mins while off the ground -truck stand then second day we did mild bashing no jumps mostly half throttle. BTW I put some rubber pads on throttle trigger so it only travels halfway to the controller. It felt a little hot for a few mins bashing on flat ground concrete parking . Is that normal? Do I have to replace stock gears/ pinion etc? Every suggestion will be greatly appreciated . We're getting ready for Father's Day to Yosemite , I just wanted the Arrma granite and talion to be all set and ready to run on our family trip.