Kraton Center of gravity

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Has anyone checked where their Kraton balances ? It's easy to do when you add a chassis brace to the center of the vehicle. Just run a rope under it and let it hang. My front to back is dead centered between the 2 axles. My left to right leans a little to the left with the 6S brick in there. Just a little bit is all. I was shocked to find that it's very close being very balanced . It seems to jump well like this....I've noticed my left side dropping a little in the air. It's all give and add power you get weight added to one side and heat. You have to find the sweet spot with these RC'S. Power, weight, speed, run time, heat.....the list goes on. 6S is not the sweet spot......that's for sure. It's just speed, heat, weight, and insanity. I'm thinking on going 5S to get rid of the insanity, keep it fast, and it will probably balance out left to right better.
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I should have my 5S today...they send stuff real fast Trout. RcJuice. 5200mAh 50C hard case with XT90 installed for 90 bucks. I'm glad you pointed these out !!! I'll get the Kraton reworked and give it another few sessions. What pinion did you use in yours ?
Jeez....the RCJuice 5S 5200 is sooooooo much lighter than the 6S bomb I had in my Kraton. I just got it in the mail today.. The Kraton balances dead center.


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