Kraton Ceramic bearings - Tyres comparison

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I firstly thought of opening 2 different threads since the difference in the matters but then I thought better not to spam in the forum:D so here I go with one.
  • Ceramic bearings (mainly for the in/output of the diffs)
Even tough I know by experience they bear a lot of less spin resistance compared to steel ones, I wonder if they could make a viable option in truggy world because of the possibility of cracking (and I wonder: would it happen easier than a damage with the steel ones?) and the absence of the balls shelter protecting them from dust that would result in fewer performance. Does it make a difference we are talking about diffs bearings?

  • Badlands MX38 3.8" vs Proline Masher 3.8"
Bashing scenario: mix of loose dirt, construction debris and farming ground. No air, which one would perform better?

Ceramic bearings don't do well under shock loads,steel can handle more hits before failure,in my opinion not worth the expense.Rolling resistance will be similar with sheilds in place.
I'm using the Mx38's( the large ones) and they do very well on the surfaces you mention on 4s,if you use them on 6s you have to let off the throttle before the tires turn into pizza cutters or they will blow!I haven't tried the other you mention but all prolines are only rated to 4s.
I'll say the same for the bearings. I did a lot of Skating back in the day, and have used probably a hundred if not more different sets of bearings . For the heavy stunting In-line stuff I did, only the steel bearings could take the punishment. Bones Reds were $20 per set, and we needed 2 sets for rollerblades. However for the Downhill Skate boarding and inline, as well as long distance in-line skating, the ceramic were the way. $85 per set or $170 for rollerblades. A marathon distance in-line day on steel bearings was a noticeable difference in the level of fatigue. I never timed the distance stuff, but it just felt easier. And the down hill stuff, was just a tad faster, but faster none the less. and yes I did clock my max speed on the skate board. 52mph was my best. Now the ER does not sound as inviting as it once did. If you were only interested in top speed on flat surfaces, then the ceramic might get you another 1-3 MPH. If you are not then there is no reason for the expense.
If you were only interested in top speed on flat surfaces, then the ceramic might get you another 1-3 MPH. If you are not then there is no reason for the expense
They are not "that" expensive nowadays and of the sizes we would need.
And yes, for the speed, but basically it was just some kind of upgrade that crossed my mind since I have to change a couple of them.
But once again I'm worried about the durability but not anymore about the dust 'coz I think I found a few lil SHIELDED beauties for a few bucks ea.
Badlands MX38... just bought the full train... I almost spent as much as for my 1/1 Alfa Romeo! Well... actually half of it for the Pirelli P0 XD but still!
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