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I have a 14.8V 7500mAh battery and a low voltage monitor that shuts off at 3.7 Volts. When charging the battery should I charge it to 80%? Which would be 6000mah?

Since you're only supposed to charge a LiPO battery to 80% and discharge it to only 20%, how many minutes (roughly) can I get out of a 7500 mah battery pack that only has about 4500 usable mah? So you only use 60% of the battery or am I misunderstanding something here.

Since the LVM shuts off at 3.7 Volts am I supposed to charge the battery to 100%?

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Always fully charge your lipos in balancing mode. With a healthy battery, that will get you exactly 4.2v on every cell which is an important starting point in order to keep them balanced. The 80% rule, if you choose to follow it, only applies to discharging. Typically a lipo is 80% discharged at around 3.7v per cell. Keep in mind this is a resting voltage which is 0.1v or so higher than what it will read immediately after use. The only way to truly honor the 80% rule is by monitoring how much your charger has to put back in to get you to 4.2v per cell. Start at 3.7v resting, or 3.6v alarm, and adjust from there to get 80% (or slightly less) capacity charges.
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