Kraton Chassis front slope

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I need your help guys...
Due to the recent heavy frontal I did, I got my chassis a little bent in the front.
Nothing too much, not that bad shape that I would need to replace it, but I did need to hammer it to lower the front slope a little nonetheless.
I would need a couple of pics to undersatand how tall is the front slope respect to the chassis normal plane, idk, maybe lying down the Kraton by the chassis and putting a meter in front of the slope while taking a picture, or any other way you may think of.

I would totally appreciate it!

Thanks in advance, guys.
if you were eyeballing it....... the slope should create a straight path from the front diff to the center diff. Meaning the drift shaft should exit her center diff cup at a zero angle and enter the front diff at a zero angle.
Wait... 0° at front wouldn't it mean almost to total no slope at all?o_O

Mmmm NO! Because front diff base plane is not 0° with the input cup!!! Right!!

0° with 0° you say? Perfect so I know what to do! Thank you!
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