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I run these same 5600 4s Race packs in my TLRT Typhon. A perfect fit. I would say not to expect any better top speed.... but will maintain much of its punch/amp/voltage output for most of it's duration.. Treat them well like any Lipo and they will last a while. And run consistently cycle after cycle. Mine still run like they are fairly new. Many cycles thus far in over a year now and the IR's are spot on like when new. Must be top tier, well matched cells, I imagine.
I only charge at a 1C rate, FWIW. (5.6 amps)
It's actually for my 3s Typhon. Good to hear they are top tier quality. I'm sure it will out preform my cheaper lipos. At least it won't be the limiting factor.

I only ever charge at 1C.
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If you seriously compete, you aren't really running these packs. Race packs have no wires, just +/- ports for the ESC bullets.
Single bullets are an easy install FWIW.
whelp - I’m leaving the 5mm bullet connector club and rejoining the EC5 team and completely going all in on these for my E-buggy:

PNG image.jpeg

Got extremely sick of the dealing with plugging/unplugging bullet plugs and I only went that route because the LCG batteries were so much lighter than the regular 4S LiPos batteries, but with these LiHV Racing series, they weigh the same as the racing LiHVs from other brands (and cheaper). Economically this just made more sense for me.