Cleaners for Tires & Plastics?

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Arrma RC's
I'm breaking down one of my Outcasts this weekend to upgrade the screws and replace some bent metal.

I figured I'd try to clean up my a-arms and a few other plastic pieces (sand any rough spots, look for cracks, remove dirt & such).

Aside from dish soap and water, what do you guys use for cleaning plastics? I don't want to use anything that might damage stuff, but I don't wanna waste precious elbow grease scrubbing. I will soak all the metal ball joints and such in 99% isopropyl to dissolve any lubricants or build-up, but am unsure if there's a good soaking agent for the plastics and tire rubber
Discovered Lemon Pledge for plastics. Works very well. Still no idea if there's a good cleaner for tires that helps keep them from rotting, but Pledge is awesome and my truck smells like a clean floor.
Been using this for a long time on my car wheels and tires. Spray on liberally and any dirt and grease just runs off. Going to try it on my Kraton when they get a little dirtier.

Amazing Roll-Off Multi-Purpose Cleaner 32 oz.

I only buy the large bottle since it's pricey and not sure I would buy it if I didn't already have it on hand

Someone else already recommended 303 aerospace protectant for all things plastic and vinyl and it's great too
I use straight simple green, works great and not expensive. After the final cleaning I use straight simple green with a little WD-40 mixed in lightly mist the whole truck, acts like a repellent on the next run.
303 (30306) Marine UV Protectant Spray for Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Fiberglass, Leather & More – Dust and Dirt Repellant - Non-Toxic, Matte Finish, 32 fl. Oz
I found some old fishing rod cleaning fluid and that made my tires look like new.
XPS to clean.
Plexus to polish. This stuff is awesome. I bought it down the road at the cickle shop
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