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We seem to have encountered the first issue with our Arrma Mega Fury....doesn't seem serious.

We were driving it on concrete and heard a "click click click click". The truck seemed to drive ok. When I picked the truck up and manually rotated the wheels, I noticed the dogbone was sliding from side to side on the pin closest to the tire.

Is that a sign of something broken and having to replace the dogbone itself? Or is this something that may just need an adjustment or lube? Do any other parts need to be replaced with this?

The truck is so new that I may do a warranty through Arrma. It seems to run fine otherwise, and I can't really complain. The truck has been driven HARD through about a dozen battery packs. It's starting to show some battle scars...;)

Thanks in advance!!

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "on the pin closest to the tire", could you take a picture.
This is the area I am referring to. When I went to take the pic, it seems now maybe the noise is coming from the rear end, but I will have to take a closer look at it tomorrow. Maybe I jumped the gun, and it is operating normally, just noisy.
Now the more I mess with it, both sides seem to be operating the same. The click coincides with the "drop" of the dogbone.

Assuming this rookie has his terminology straight...

Try putting a second O-Ring in each of the axles, and make sure the out drives each have one in them. This will help keep the dog bones from moving side to side and rattling around. If you still have play try adding a second one to each if the out drives.
Thanks! I will try that!

Then there is no harm in running it like this while waiting for parts? first instinct would be to check the chassis...I suspect somewhere something has broken or moved in a position where it shouldn't be...If it didn't do this before, something has changed...Just my 2 cents...
Thanks Aflan. Once we get it back home I will go over it real well. I am going to order some o-rings; won't hurt to have them around anyway. Doesn't seem serious; surely we aren't the first to experience this. Initially, I was thinking maybe it just needed to be cleaned so it operated more smoothly.
I am having the same exact issue with a granite. Please let me know how you end up fixing it.
What o-rings? And where do they go. I removed by dogbone to check my bearings and don't see any o rings.

They should be in the out drive cups and the axle cups that the dog bones go into.
I cleaned mine up, stopping short of taking it apart. It's better, like maybe it was just sticky. If it happens again I will put the rings in and see how that goes.
If you look at the pic that @Walter posted above my question you will see where the axle sits in the cup, the two slots are where mine are bending up, I will get a pic of it when I get back to the house tonight
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