Clipless body DIY my way, in and out in seconds. :)

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Clipless body DIY my way, in and out in seconds. :)

What do I hate the most about the rc car?

Body clips: 4 of them that are difficult to put on, especially the black clip over the black post!! I bent the clips up and enlarged the post holes to ease the pain but still not enough for me.

Traxxas came up with the new no-clip body but proprietary designed thus involved many unique parts. Additionally they won’t be easy for DIY.

Then earlier today a moment came about when I was looking at my beloved helicopter fleet. It’s the canopy mounts. There are several mount designs but still the higher end ones can’t seem to please us. Then a few flyers found an item that has nothing to do with rc models called “LOXX”.

Loxx is made in Germany to hold items like tarp, leather works, etc.

This fastener comes in several colors, materials and designs, one of which is perfect for rc helicopter canopy mounts.

15 minutes or so later, I finish installing LOXX on my Arrma Talion EXB. I am so happy that this modification was very easy to do. Beside 2 sets of Loxx, I used 1/8” thick fiberglass sheet cut to about 1” x 2” plate, drill 2 holes for the body posts plus 1 hole in between for the male Loxx (see attached photos). I used the stock clips to hold the plate. Lastly, drill a hole on the body at the same spot on the middle hole on the plate. In stall the Loxx was easy and fortunately the height of the fitting requires no adjustment and there was no play.

I have yet to test it but I don’t do extreme bash so I am not worried.

Now I can put on my Talion body in less than 5-7 seconds and remove it in 1 or 2 seconds!

Also nothing to lose because BOTH Loxx fasteners stay on the body post and the body at all time
The best prices I found are from Amazon here:

Top: LOXX Snap Fastener Upper Part Heavy Duty Nickel Closure

Bottom: LOXX Snap Fastener Lower Part Standard - Nickel









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If you’re anything like me and what I imagine a lot of us are, spending sinful amounts of time wrenching this and adjusting that…but this is too much?

It doesn’t look like a ton of work…
Yes, I agreed with you. Like I said earlier, the first set took me less than 20 minutes and I am ready for the next 2 sets which shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes for BOTH. ;)
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