Clod Slaughter 3s

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Arrma RC's
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Been workin on this for quite some time now. So custom i don't even care to start a list but i will say its 95% alloy lol

AR60 axles
Wraith drivetrain
Summit drive axles
Scx10 chassis

PL Brawler 17.5mm offaet wheels should be here soon...


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@Swampie that is going to look sick once you're done with it, already loving it!

Thanks man
This rig was up & running once but i was not happy with the results. So ive decided going in a different direction with it.

So far this build has been roughly arou d 1year to get to this point.
More less this is closer to a MT....full out Bashing fun and jumps like a monster.
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