Typhon Closed 17mm Wheel Nuts 1.0 thread distance


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Bought some XRSRACING closed wheelnuts for my TLR tuned from Aliexpress and thought that i should share that they fit the long threaded Arrma axels without any problems.
I have bought other closed wheelnuts but the threads on these were not enough since arrma has some more threads then other brands.

The quality and finish of these wheelnuts are amazing and they are serrated so they wont come off easily.


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They look nice. (y)
However, just understand that if you hit/rub your wheels, those nuts will get trashed in a heartbeat. They stick out pretty much. But its alway good to have closed nuts. Keeps the junk out of the the stub axle set screw/grub screw. I haven't installed them on my new FT and TLRT just yet. Zero Offset wheels Tend to make the Nuts suceptible to damage easily. Had to replace a few of them on my other rigs. HR makes shallower ones for the 6s Arrma rigs. But still get damaged if they stick out too far. Look trick when they are brand new..... just not for long. Is what it is. Still a worthy upgrade. User error will always get the best of any rig. The nust should always have a serrated bite to them onto the whell, or the nuts will always loosen up. Food for thought. I've purchased nuts that had no Serration on them. I sent them back.
Pix below.




BTW , what body do you have on your TLRT there? Axis?
I have a PL Axis Typhon body here... yet to paint it up.
The 53/107 Hoons I'm running on my TLRT suck, BTW. Look great. Suck for traction. Food for thought. Better off with smaller 42/100 wheels, for speed running on pavement.
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