Typhon Clutch Slipper Screw Unscrews

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Hello everyone, so I finally managed to get the parts to rebuild my pinion gear and pads etc, and the clutch slipper. But every time I go out now, I get about half an hour through and the screw of the clutch slipper comes loose. I sheared my last one through over tightening it, so with this one I tightened it as many videos show then unscrew it between half a turn and one and a half turns - but still unscrews itself. Don’t want to overtighten it again as no parts till early Jan in stock. Any info and ideas would be appreciated. Cheers, mat.
Clean the bolt well with alcohol/ brake clean, blue Loctite the screw threads, assemble at your desired setting and let it sit for 24hrs before use.. that should get you sorted...✌️
You use new maintenance kit, new slipper pads and all? I am asking because how it sounds from the youtubers experiences, its not enough to just install new pads. I for instance, straight ordered a new clutch set. It hurts a bit cuz its £47 on a car that was £400, but it is what it is
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