Senton Comparison: Arrma Senton vs Traxxas E-Maxx (3906)

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In case you were curious as to how this 1/10 beast with 1/8 innards measures up, here are some side-by-side pictures of my Senton and E-Maxx. This is the 3906 brushed E-Maxx with the wide A-arms but the short wheelbase chassis.

With bodies on:

Inside chassis view:
Does that EMaxx have 2 engines? That must be a fun drive! So how about a mini review on the two, how do they compare?
Yeah, the E-Maxx features dual 550-sized brushed 12T motors. This truck came out before brushless motors and LiPos were common, so they put in the dual motor system to give it the oomph necessary to move this beast. In fact, I believe a majority of the monster trucks during that time were configured this way. I remember reading a build report when brushless started getting popular where the guy actually took two brushless systems and installed it the same way, but the power from the dual brushless motors was so great that it blew the transmission apart. That was also before hardened steel idler gears.

Having said that, the Senton would eat the Maxx for lunch just because it's brushless and the Maxx is brushed. The Maxx's short wheelbase also makes it very wheely happy despite not being brushless. I've dropped the front and raised the rear just to keep it from flipping when goosing the throttle. Its wide stance does keep it from traction rolling for the most part, but it can still happen. The suspension seems to be comparable, but I think the nod would have to go to the Maxx, because even though it's old now, the Pro-Line PowerStroke suspension with separate compression and rebound shocks does soak up bumps really well. I now have all of the necessary upgrades to convert it to brushless, but I have to finish some major house projects before I can spend the time and have the space to break it down and install everything. I've got the HobbyWing 120A WP-SC8 ESC and 2000KV 4074SL motor ready to drop into it, which will turn this thing into a really fast road brick.
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