Constantly overheating right out of the box

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Which Granite?

I'm running my fury on upgraded spur and pinion and have got that thing cooking but it's never cut out. Sounds like something is a miss.
@sparky_18 How tight is the gear mesh, between the spur and pinion? If it's to tight, try this.
Thanks for the reply. It was pretty tight. I loosened it a little but it still cut off after a couple of minutes. I'm going to try loosening it a bit more. When it cuts out it flashes red slowly but it does not feel hot to touch?

Which Granite?

I'm running my fury on upgraded spur and pinion and have got that thing cooking but it's never cut out. Sounds like something is a miss.
It is a Granite Mega.
@sparky_18, I'm not familiar with the granite mega but, I'm going to try and help. Since you say, motor isn't hot to the touch, then it sounds like the low voltage cut off is kicking in. If your running NIMH batteries in it and it's set for lipo, I believe it will shut off like your explaining. Opposite for running lipo in NIMH mode, the lipo would be drained dry and destroyed. I'd check the settings on esc just to make sure.
Hope this helps
If neither the motor nor the ESC seems hot I doubt it's overheating. Temperature protection is supposed to kick in when the ESC is over 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit) for over 5 seconds. I think LVC cutoff due to using an NiMH battery when the ESC is set to LiPo would be more likely.

How are your jumpers set on the MEGA ESC?


If the jumpers check out I would call Arrma and perhaps they will send you a new ESC.

You might also check to make sure your charger is good and the battery really is getting fully charged.
Agreed with above sounds like low voltage cut off .. Lipo full charge is ~4.2volt per cell and cut off Is about 3.6 volt per cell for lipo on Arma esc in my experience which is 7.2volt based on 2s.... Nimh full voltage is 7.4 volts
Do not forget that NIMH batteries drop their voltage a lot when power is requested from the pack.

As soon as you turn the throttle off, and you measure the idle voltage, you might think it is still fully charged.

A 7 cell NIMH will go up to 9.0V fully charged.
But on full throttle voltage might drop to less than 6.0V easily.

Lipo's almost not show this behavior at all, that is the reason why the worst 7,4V 2S lipo will let your ride go faster than the best 8,4V 7 cell NIMH out there!
Voltage difference amazes me how good LIPO are at keeping a peak voltage throughout the run time. NIMH is like yeah woo for first few minutes then the fun tapers off exponentially ..LIPO you're like hmm I think I better rest the car now it's STILL going .

Will never look back from LIPO!
Jumpers are set correctly. I have a NIMH battery. When it cuts out, there is still plenty off battery life left. After it cuts out, If I turn the ESC off and then back on, It will run again. It cuts out again shortly after doing that though.
I'm having the same problem. The esc blinks after 5 minutes and nothing is hot. The battery is pretty warm though. I have warranty but the people that I bought it from said I need to know what's wrong with it and then they'll fix it
I have a granite blx less than 6 months old doing the same thing. If I try to hammer the throttle the motor cogs or trys to go and won't. If I ease into the throttle it will go but if I hammer it while its going the esc will kinck into low voltage mode blue light blinking. It's not on lipo mode my batteries are good fully charged. Starting to think I got a big piece of crap
I had the same issue guys. I found out it was my battery. At how many amps are yoi charging your battery? Do you have a multimeter?
I only have two batteries the stock 8.4 4600 and a venom 5000mh. I charge them on 4 amps. It's just a basic quick charger by onyx. Yes I have multimeter
If its doing it on both batteries then it might be something else. None the less id still try and see if you have the same issue i had. Check out this thread.

I don't think I'm having the same issue with my batteries. I took them to the lhs he says its my brushless motor. When it cogs it is pulling a lot of amps and making the esc think its low voltage. So looks like I'm gonna be without my truck for a couple weeks
Worth a shot anyone ever figure this out? I’m running the same as said before
2 different batteries the stock and the venom 8.4v 5000mah my car seems to run find for a 60 second then cuts off steering still works but no power to the throttle untill power off and back on then I can only get about 10 seconds before it cuts off...
Yes it is set to Nimh mode as I’m running a Nimh battery stock and venom upgrade are both Nimh

same as stated above my problem is exact same motor and esc don’t feel hot to touch but keeps cutting out
I'm experiencing this same problem with a brand new granite mega 4x4. Anyone know a fix for this?
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