Typhon Convert Senton To Typhon?

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When I came in from an (awesome) bashing session of my Senton - I got annoyed by all the grass all in the chassis. Like everywhere! (**I do still love my Senton)

So with that said.... Hmmmmmmmmm.... Convert the Senton to a Typhon? (That would pass the wife approval process right now, as she would rather kill me than see me buy another).

Thoughts, Arrma world?

1.) What parts would I need to "do it right"? Arms, driveshafts and steering tie rods? Body mount, and body? Is that it? I don't need new shock towers, do I?? Yuk if I do... Lol


2.) What parts could I get by with having almost th Typhon experience, but on the cheap? (Like maybe some offset buggy wheels and maybe the body mounts for the Typhon?) Looks like the Senton is currently 11.6" wide while the Typhon is 12.1"... So 1/2" offset would do it?

Under scenario #2, I could almost swap back and forth when I felt like it - right? Sounds kinda nice!

Anything I'm missing? Would I be missing out on a great deal of Typhon specific handling or anything by not "doing it right" and getting a real Typhon?

Any other thoughts I should consider?
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Eh - I'll just buy a Typhon too... Lol.

Says out of stock until Mid August on Tower Hobbies though. I have a feeling if I pre-order, it will come earlier though.

I'm sure by then, the wife will be ok with it. Haha
I think if you change the body mounts and remove the side chassis guards and the center cage you can run the typhon body the a arms are the same a senton is a truck body on a typhon chassis. the senton is an actual 1/8 rc just markedas a 1/10 sct.. I say order the team Durango mud guards and run them front and rear and order two sets of mud scrapers. I have them on my typhon and it makes cleaning it a hella of a lot easier
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