Crashed my kraton so I ordered a fazon

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What means better?
The Fazon / Nero / Big Rock is much heavier and easier to damage than the Kraton.
In case of hard bashing terrain you can better buy an new Kraton, because of easier maintenance work.

Do ever seen an Nero or Fazon on the same terrain as you are driving?
For me the Neros had an advantage which the Kraton not have -> Diff lock!
But diff lock is nothing for hard bashing!
I don't bash much. No jumping, maybe a little dirt and grass but that's about it
I do agree with Frank.
The Fazon can do in all of you´re conditions a good job.
For street + speed you better buy street tires, the others will ballooning on 6S.
But take care, the Nero / Fazon on 6S can be a beast! (But afterwards you have a big grind on you're face!)
For running dirt an grass, I recommend just 4S because of the force to the drive train when the tires have a good grip.

Let me remember you, the Fazon is a truck which weight is around 6Kg without battery´s. I will be heavier to control then the lighter Kraton.
My colleague had yesterday done an front flip just by breaking hard with a locked center diff... (Ok it was dark outside and we just had the light of the trucks)
But he flipped just in the position roof onto the asphalt and sliding. Nothing broken but ugly scratches on the body and the light canister on top..

Ahem, just one more suggestion.. Try out different spring settings. On street it will be better to lower the chassis and put a bit stiffer oil into the shocks. The Fazon / Nero has no sway bar. If you are an good handyman, maybe you can use the holes in the lower arms to mount such. Normally the holes are for mud guards. I don´t know whats up with the diff housing and if it is possible to mount a sway bar on it.

I'm now a fazon owner thanks to ups making a late evening delivery!


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Well just got back from a run and the fazon is ok. Topped out at 55mph but it's just to heavy. I'm gonna try to fix my kraton and put the fazon up for sale
The BR is capable of doing big jumps too. It is true that it is heavy but the powertrain is really bullet proof. When the weak parts of the suspension are taken care of it is hard to breake anything. I prefer jumping with big truck over doing the same thing with a small one. It is just more impressive to me :)
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Put the 17t pinion in

I just added a leopard 4082 1600kv motor with a 19t pinion and it's a beast. No gps but im guessing in the 60s on 6s. Wheelies at anytime. I love my nero its heavy but handles great.
Will the 17T trade acceleration for speed? Or will it just put the ESC under more strain. I would not mind higher temps but I would not like less acceleration ;)
What's the deal with the leopard? I see a lot of folks switching to that.
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