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Hello all,
I am new to Arrma RC. I am the first of my group of friends to break off and try something other than Traxxas. I sent an email to [email protected] asking some questions about it 9 days ago. I never got a response but decided to order it anyways. I ordered the Senton (green and black) and it arrived with a broken rear shock and the box was in perfect condition so I know it wasn't from shipping. I sent another email to that same email address this last Saturday and have still not gotten any response to either email. Today, I tried calling 217-398-8970 (both email address and phone number are straight from the contact us page on their website) to talk to somebody about this issue and the line disconnected and I never got to talk to anybody. So, here I sit after wasting 6 days to get answers to questions and waiting 3 days with a broken car. My question is, how does somebody go about getting in contact with Arrma to discuss the broken parts and their frustrations about lack of customer support?