Dang ball studs. Easy free fix..


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Got a Mega Fury for my first RC car/truck. Brushed motor didn't last 2 weeks but I drive on powdery sand. Sidewinder SCT cured the problem. Rear control arm ball studs then pulled out of the hubs. Was going to upgrade to turnbuckles but stock setup works fine for me. Found an easy fix with minimal down time.

Basically, get rid of the ball stud, drill a hole through the ball cup, and screw the control arm to the hub. Works great (so far). I moved the arm to the other side of the hub which gives it a straight shot instead of being at an angle. The arm is real close to the shock spring but causes no problem (so far).

This is probably a familiar sight. Got lucky and found the driveshaft in the grass:
2016.Sept24.Fury.jpg 2016.Sept24.Fury-ball-stud2.jpg 2016.Sept24.Fury-ball-stud3.jpg
The screw is 4-40 thread and about 17.5mm long. I used a nylon insert lock nut. It needs to be a lock nut. Drill is 7/64.
2016.Sept24.Fury-ball-stud4.jpg 2016.Sept24.Fury-ball-stud5.jpg 2016.Sept24.Fury-ball-stud6.jpg
Put a washer on both sides as a bearing surface. Snug the nut just enough to remove play but allow movement.
2016.Sept24.Fury-ball-stud7.jpg 2016.Sept24.Fury-ball-stud8.jpg
2016.Sept24.Fury-ball-stud9.jpg 2016.Sept24.Fury-ball-stud9a.jpg
Adding a longer ball stud with a nut achieves the same thing as others have found. Don't really need a ball since suspension movement is only vertical.