Kraton Deans connectors good enough

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i just got a used kraton that has the mamba monster with hpi tork 2200 that is using deans. I bought a senton last week that has xt90 I'm wondering is deans good enough to switch my senton so everything is the same?
I think thats a point of saved money by the manufacturer.
I had in the past melted deans in bigger models and thats why I changed to 4mm gold plugs (1:10) or kept the xt90 in the Nero Big Rock.
I am limited in case of Nero by the grip of the tires! ;)
Deans I just use up to 30 amps maybe. For example 1:18 LRP Shark or 1:18 TC. For 1:24 and 1:36 I use the red BEC-connectors.
Higher watts (V x A) -> bigger connectors; up to XT150 in some planes.
So its up to you, If you prefer less resistance, use good connectors. It is not so important.... keep them.
I learned for me from the past, cause that issue hat cost me a expensive LiPo at that time.

Deans are old school and are a pain to solder. I would not pick Deans plugs for a Kraton. XT-90, EC5, Castle 6.5 are much better.
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