death of a tekin

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well today I finally killed my tekin t8 2650. I was playin with the mamba max x esc turning the brake up. went to go test the brakes on the hill they worked perfect ( lol ) went to the drive the car back to me and it completely stopped moving. went inside and took the motor apart and there was no magnets on the rotor so I think that's the problem .ill be ordering a new one tomorrow and a posiden 2650 and 1/5 scale 2250 motor also from prosiden. I post pix a lilte later
How on earth could that happen? Extreme overheated?
I think i turned up the start power on the mamba max x up to medium and grp tires were super sticky. So testing the brakes and heat lead to the death of the motor. Ima call tekin and see what they say
I just got off the phone with tekin and that said that it not a common problem but it does happen. I still stand behind tekin. that being said the motor sweet spot is on 3s and running on 6s for 6 months trying to reach a hundred. I just need to rebuild the rotor glue failed. I guess I got to treat the motor like a car engine and should take it apart and check stuff more often. I blame myself for this happening so ima fix it myself instead of using the warranty . good product bad maintnce and abuse by me
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