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I took my EXB on its maiden voyage the other day. I am running the HW max6, 1650kv combo and the performance was outstanding except for a couple of issues.

One was that near the end of the battery, I had a wheel come off (and yes, the nuts were properly tightened pre-run). I knew this was an issue before I bought the truck and already had the M2C extended hexes ready to go. I hadn’t put them on though since I wasn’t looking forward to heating up the stock hexes to break down the red thread lock they use to secure them. Luckily the wheel hex did not strip out. Even though I knew this was an issue before buying the EXB, it was still disappointing to see that this is a very real issue that was apparently known to Arrma before they revised the EXB, and they still haven’t solved it. Seems like a pretty fundamental design flaw to just let through.

second, I was shocked at how much debris (dirt and grass) accumulated on the chassis after the run. I mean it makes sense given how the wheels are tucked under the body. But why haven’t they engineered what seems to be a pretty simple solution (inner fenders/wheel wells)? They obviously spent a lot of time in designing the inner cage and support system to keep the body intact, so it is pretty surprising that they didn’t think of the debris issue.

I went ahead and ordered an outerwears type filter/cover to put over the chassis. I am not too worried about heat since I am running two gamechanger fans on the motor, but I’ll see how it goes. Still, disappointing I have to go with this hack instead of the problem being taken care of at the design stage.


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I never ran my Mojave without the inner fenders. After watching numerous videos on the YouTube’s, it’s pretty clear the chassis tub becomes a wasteland of debris.
To be honest, debris still gathers in the chassis even with the fenders but it’s a fraction of what would be in there without them.



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Hi there
Yeah my second pack on a second hand Mojave V2 it inhaled a rock the size of a tire. That got jammed against the servo arm and that was the end of the stock servo.
I came home and ordered the fenders, then another servo.

Have had several runs since installing them and its night and day. Had a run on wet grass the other day and the fenders caught about 90% of what would normally end up in the chassis.
They are totally worth getting.
Just had my first wheel off experience as well. Will be taking the anodising off the stock nuts to make them easier to find - and adding some TL tomorrow to run on Sunday.

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I have an inner chassi cover sock thingy, it came from Radenracing, ordered it off Ebay it came from the Uk, works really well on keeping sand and most everything else out of the chassi