Outcast Diff gear stripping!!!

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whats your guys opinion on why this would be happening?


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I've seen that people put 1 or 2 more shims that is already in there to tighten the mesh up. I thought myself that the mesh is slightly too loose. Unless the diff is moving out of place but I doubt that
I added one more shim on the opposite side of the diff to stop the side to side movement. Keep the mesh more consistent. Just my fix. Maybe you're landing under power also?
Thanks guys, my screws may not of been fully tightened I did shim the interior diff gears and just the stock shim on the outer.
Are they front or rear. I notice my diff binding in the front under full lock. Same thing happen to me and my gears. Fixed the binding issue and so far so good.
Check this out, I had the same thing happen to another brand truck over and over, at least 6 times. Thought Shimming diff would fix it, No. tried several fixes, even let hobby shop try to fix it, no luck. I finally noticed very little play in front drive shaft, I noticed every time I slightly hit something the gear would strip out like yours. Turns out, my chassis was bent, causing dog bone to jam the pinion to jam the ring gear. The fix, repair chassis and add chassis brace. Check the play on your drive shaft. Not the axles, the drive shaft. Just something to check. Good luck and hope you solve the problem.
That's correct the duratrax 835e would eat center diff when you crashed real hard or lawn darted a jump. Not enough clearance for the front center shaft. On that car the center diff cup would get damaged. The fix was front chassis brace or the ofna center diff. Some folks just made the slot on the outdrive deeper.
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