Kraton Diff lube

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I'm sure that is fine.

I use Losi high pressure black grease for the o-rings/outdrives, and ring and pinions.
Nice! I was concerned because it was so sticky,
maybe too sticky I thought
I've been using Loctite synthetic Viper Lube on the ring and pinion. I even packed a few bearings with it if they needed an overhaul. I went for the synthetic because it may be easier on the plastic ???'s just something I do. I also pack it all around the bottom of the diff case seems to keep dust and grit from getting inside the case a little better.

In the past...I have used white lithium grease also. Never have any issues with my ring and pinion.
I always used "Krytox 240" for transmission gears etc, which I got from a previous job.
Boss told me it would be great to use on the gears of my RC cars, he used it himself in his RC helis.
And indeed, worked perfectly and didn't need a lot, it also worked perfect on the axles of my scalers, they kept them in rust-free top shape even when running through salty seawater
But the tube is empty now, and the price of that stuff kinda shocked me, €150+ for a 50 gram. tube.....

Now I use some leftover Tamiya grease I got with all of my kits I have built in the past.
nice guys. I'll continue to use the grease from hpi, but there is not much left, so now I have some good recommendations. Thank you so much!:)
Ahh dang, I just replaced the differential in my DHK WOLF. I bought the assembled differential and the assembled pinion gear. Once I got to the diff case out, and removed the old diff assembly, I did notice a bunch of grease in the case, but thought it was from inside the differential. I should have taken a picture, because this differential was JACKED up. Some because I took an entry level buggy and put an XTM brushless set up on it, added some Big tires, and drove it like it I stole it. Once I heard the gears grinding, I had a few beers, and kept driving it with just the front wheels. Anyway, back to my post. I though the grease in the case was from inside the diff assembly, and not outside the diff but inside the case.

So I am understanding correctly - ----- There is supposed to be oil inside the differential Gear assembly, AND grease inside the differential "box" or "case". Is that correct?

I did not add any grease at all. I really don't want to take the whole rear end apart again, but If I am suppeded to have grease in there, I guess I will have to.
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