Diff washer shim

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Arrma RC's
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I inherited 2 of what i guess are the original arrma granite. Had the replace the electronics and motor on both. got them both up and running. One got brushless setup other got a brushed motor. both have held up pretty well except minor stuff. the one running the brushless setup has started acting like it has a limited slip diff. when you spin the tires both turn in the same direction. if you hold one side the other spins with a little resistance. would be good but with all that power its really hard to lay down the power without spinning out coming out of corners. I took the diff apart and found there are washer shims that were deformed. they are part of kit ar310378 what i was wandering is does anyone know the size of those shims? I flattened them with a hammer and put the diff back together worked fine till i took it bashing then it started doing it again. Also I put rear end dope in it i had laying around. is that good or do i need to use the silicone stuff? It does not seem to be leaking out.
thanks! i'm gonna get the .3 shim. I hope that will do the trick. Do you think adding the 2 satellite gears is what fixes the issue of the shims getting bent from side load? If my diff wont hold up i think its only about a 5 dollar difference to get a new blx transmission on fleabay. All my gears are metal. in the end which way do you think would be stronger?
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