Raider Difference old Raider BLX vs new BLS?

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I'm looking for an Arrma Raider but I don't want the new XL version. What are the mail Differences between the current BLS and the older 1/10 BLX? I can buy both for the same price
@Mxxl, first welcome to Arrma Forum!

The current BLS model comes with the following:
  • Sport electronics (BLX40 ESC and 4000Kv brushless motor)
  • ADS-5 Servo
  • 3,300 mAh NiMh battery pack

While the older BLX model comes with the following:
  • BLX80 ESC and 3600Kv brushless motor
  • ADS-7 Servo
  • 5,000 nAh NiMh battery pack

So the older BLX will be faster and run longer and has a stronger servo. If price is the same I'd go with the BLX myself, but if you're new to the hobby then the BLS will make a find RC as well and you can always upgrade the electronics (many people do) at a later time.

What is the difference between the chassis and other steering components. I read somewhere that it is possible to upgrade the older blx chassis with the newer chassis, is that true
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The older BLX has more metal an aluminium components than the BLS, which does not have the aluminium double chassis plates for example.
And the big plus for the BLX is it's metal gears and differential.

As Woodie already mentioned, the BLS drive-line is powerful and capable of running up to 2S loop's, the BLX is mental up to 3S!
Thanks for Your answers. So there are a lot of pro's for the older blx. Is there a downside. The mega and the bls have been upgraded the blx not. What are the advantages of the upgraded bls that the old blx doesn't have? One I allready know. The battery compartment had been changed to place a wider variety of lijpo's
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@Mxxl I bought an Arrma Mega Raider recently. I won't say I regret it because I thoroughly enjoy upgrading it. But if you want more power and speed.... Which you will .. Lol. Go with the BLX .
I also purchased the BLS version. What a mistake! So far in about 50 minutes run time on an outdoor dirt flat oval track; my experience:
  • At least 6 shock failures - tops pop off
  • 2 bad ESC's - drag brake did not work on first one, 2nd has LiPo cut-off set at 3.6V, much too high.
  • Motor bearing completely failed, destroying spur gear also.
  • Servo failed- believe it is chipped teeth.
  • Rear tires are not good on loose dirt. Rear wheels are not standard and cannot be purchased anywhere.
  • Too many screws placed in poor positions, ie rear body screws.
  • Battery compartment is undersized, although told differently, standard hard case 5200 mih lipo batteries will not fit..
  • Weight distribution is poor, even for buggy, very light in front, had to add 2 oz lead to get it to corner at all.
The only positive thing I can say is that it is fast, but of no use when can't keep it on the track.

When 2 year warranty expires Raider will go in trash can!!

Hobby Services keeps telling me I am only one experiencing significant problems. I find this difficult to believe, there must be a reason the Raider BLS has been discontinued.
Update to earlier post. Now have had 3rd ESC failure. One Hobby Services sent did not even make it around track one time. Appears Lipo cutoff is actuating almost immediately, and this is with 2S batteries.
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