Different Monster Trucks

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I say wait and get another arrma or build an old school rc with arrma power train.

Stay away from the E-Revo and E-Maxx unless you want to dump a lot of cash into one after you buy it "Go a head and ask me how I know". If you don't mind the 1/10 scale monster trucks I would say go for a Pro-Line Pro-MT, that is the next RC I plan on getting. If you are looking for a 1/8 scale well the only 1/8 scale I ever owed was the Savage 25 SS and it was pretty darn tough.

I bought an E-Revo roller at the beginning of this summer, I got the roller for $300, the parts to convert to BL $20, the stronger skids $40, the center diff for $30, the MIP drive lines $150, diff cases $30, diff cups $30, tires $40, body $20, 17mm hex's $20, motor and ESC $85, rear chassis brace $10, And I still have to get all of the bearing replaced, proper diff seals, the RRP diff gears, and the new HR diff cups and diff cases, and then I still have to get the LiPo packs and LiPo charger. I know your thinking why didn't he just buy a brand new one and go from there. Well I'm an idiot and I would still have to dump another $600 in upgrades to make it stronger. I don't like my RC's to brake very often, and just recently I realized that driving them is not as much fun as they used to be, but building them is still a lot of fun.
I have a TMaxx 3.3 which is fun if you are into nitro. electric wise, as far as price you can't go wrong with a stampede. I've also looked into getting a Team Associated Rival.
Would definitely be electric.... I seen a guy selling a stampede for $100 maybe I'll pick that up!.... X maxx wow! Yeh I'll have to save up like a 9 yr old for that one allowance birthday and Christmas money.... Lol!
A $100 stampede in decent shape would be a good grab. We have 3 of them and the kids love them. Plus they are easy to get parts for and upgrade.