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Hey guys,
I just removed all 4 tires of my Kraton, cleaned them and glued some holes after removing thornes.
Finally they are dry and ready to mount.
Now I recognized that 2 of the tires feel thicker than the other 2.
Can anybody confim this ?
And where do I mount them ? Front or rear ?
Thanks for any tipp.
I don't notice anything different between the 4.

I put each one on my scale.... all the same weight.
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Are they brand new.... I assume they are not. I think you may have sand or water inside. All 4 of your weights are heavy and way off. My new set is lighter than your lightest weight and all 4 of mine are extremely close to the same weight. Did you ever vent your tires ? That usually ejects everything that's inside them.
No, the tires are not new, app 3 month old/used.
Water, hm, I guess not. Sand could be. Yeah, I think that is the solution.
How can I vent the tires, I only have those 2 holes in the rims ?
I think I have to take the tires totaly appart and check the foam for sand or other stuff.
Any idea what I can use to remove the glue ? I heard something about cooking the tires...
You have to punch 2 holes in the centerline of the tires 180 apart. Fine dirt and water gets inside the holes in the rim but can't get out. You can get a hollow brass tube about 1/8 inch or smaller inside diameter. Sharpen the edge of it, put it in a drill, and drill a hole in the tire. You can also fill in the rim holes with hot glue. Now.... when the tires spin..... anything that got in....more than likely will come out. Centrifugal forces send the fine dirt that's inside... out of the holes. More people are venting the tire rather than the rim these days.
I just ordered the nero tires AR550010 for my Kraton.
The dealer told me, that Hobbico Germany will be shut down and sold to a Belgium company.
So it could take a few weeks to receive the new tires, noe from Belgium.
Does anyone knows more about this ?
No nero tires available here in Germany at this moment....

So I ordered an received the Louise MT Cyclone for my Kraton:

The difference:

The result:
IMG_2982.JPG IMG_2983.JPG

No test drive yet, but I will come back later...
Those look great, let us know how they run and if they balloon. I have been looking at Proline tires but read that they are bad about ballooning.
I will, as soon as the weather gets a bit better.
I don´t want these tires to get dirty. hahahahhahaha..............
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