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Ok. So after 100min (since previous diff service) possibly more of run time I smacked an empty garbage can head on. Knocked the crap out of it. was quite impressive.

it was time to do a diff service anyway. So it looks like I also broke the front diff case. Idk if it was from THAT crash or from my other crashes.

Smacked hard enough to Bend an alum front air skirt Or whatever that is called. The diffs all look kinda low and really dirty. I was pretty surprised. The middle diff w 100k is just really dirty. The front diff was broke and looked pretty low. And the rear diff seems fine mechanically but almost no oil.

I probably should just change all the seals and o rings. Should I look into an aluminum diff case for longevity? My preference is not to as I am concerned about aluminum the wrong places- although a diff case seems like it would be ok.
also last service I replaced in the front center driveshaft and it’s ALREADY pretty worn. should I replace the input drives?

Thanks Arrma Fam.



As for the diff case, unless you're cracking/breaking the composite stock casing, I would see no need to use an aluminum case. Give it all a good cleaning, fill 'er up with fresh fluid, check the seals (I've run seals that were torn in half without issue so long as the two pieces were aligned correctly on the inside of the gear) and button her up.

If you still have the stock Safe-D cups on your diff inputs, then yes. Replace them sooner rather than later as they're just wobbly pieces of junk that will accelerate wear on your drive shafts. There are lots of good options. Tekno and Scorched RC are great and I'm sure there are many others.
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