Senton Diffs problem

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My diffs were squeaking bad. Opened them and I find this. It's not gear savings. It's very sticky and wen I touch it melts. What's this?
^ It's dirt and grease mix.

The grease eventually gets flung off the gears and sticks onto the insides of the diff housing. Eventually dirt make it's way inside and mixes with the grease. Also gears do wear. There is likely some powdered plastic from the gears in there. It's normal.

You can help prevent dirt ingress by putting grease or thick oil on the edge of the diff housing when snapping them together. This will trap dirt as it's on it's way into the diff housing.
Gear looks good, give if it a real mean washing and throw everything back together, its just grease and dirt.. replace with new grease as stated
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