Discontinued AR340002 parts?

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Looking for part # AR340002, can't find it anywhere. Everywhere I search its been discontinued. Any Ideas?


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That part number has been discontinued and replaced with this. The replacement looks beefier.
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If you search in steering play fix in this forum you will find guys have just made these with a little bolt and a little bit of dremmel work. Seems like a good idea to me instead of aluminum. AR340004 is what you want I'm pretty sure
Mine too.

In the pic below the rod doesn't appear to be threaded... but it needs to be in order to accept the locknut that holds the spring tension on the servo saver assembly. Has anyone received this part and can verify whether or not it is threaded?

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There is a new parts bag with steering linkage as well. I have both but I only replaced the single pin that snapped with the pin from the new parts bag. I'm using all the old linkages and servo saver. That means I can check on this when I get home and give you a first hand answer.

Just so you know that is not a real life picture it is only a CGI image. Arrma is one of the few companies that likes to use CGI images instead of actual pictures to show you what an item looks like, MIP also does this.
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