Does anyone know?


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Is the nero rear bulkhead model specific or are they like traxxas and common parts are used in many things.. I really want a rear spoiler

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hmmmm...not sure about thing mi was going to do...and you could do the same go to arrma site..and get all the 1/8 th scale exploded pdf prints...that may give you some ideas on parts you could rob from other models in the arrma line...

from there you may have to get a little creative anyway since all the other vehicles have shock towers...

few of my thoughts.... that rear hoop protecting the rear shock pivot thingies may be a staring point for a base. long as you don't hit any moving parts. ..or perhaps an additional hole in the body allowing access to some other parts of the rear body mounts?..couple of holes and clamps?.

all together im sure we could come up with something that works...