Typhon Dogbone pin replacement?


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Arrma RC's
I have had about 20-25 battery cycles out of my new v2 typhon so far. When I serviced my center diff yesterday I found that the dogbone connecting front diff and the CVDs on the front drive chain had serious wear on the pin or caused wear on the cups. I recalled I used a cheap wheelset which had too deep hex indent so it caused extra friction on the wheel hub because it directly rub on it. I didn't realized this until running with these faulty wheels for 2 to 3 times. And that should be the main cause of the pin wear.

I wonder if I can only replace the pin on the dogbones? I didn't see the part number on the manual so I suppose the option isn't available. Should I just buy those new and expensive dogbones or is there any alternatives? Thanks.
They are replacable, i know mugen makes a tool to change pins. you just need to find the correct diameter pins.