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As you all know,I picked up a nice little Mega Fury last month and I'm in the process of upgrading it,slowly but surely.

First off,I added some vinyl and a few more stickers to the stock shell,to inividualise it bit more.


I changed the stock tyres over to Fastrax Bloc Busters,which give far better grip and added the aluminium front plate to the underside.


Next,I upgraded the motor to a SkyRC Toro 3200kV motor and changed the esc to an INIX 60A brushless esc.



Next,I made up a front shock tower brace and added in another two mounting points on it.


I purchased some aluminium shocks to 'bling' the truck up a bit,they'll only be getting used when the kit shocks finally die.100mm rear & 80mm front,I also had to change the pistons in them to Kyosho ones as the kit ones weren't a very good fit.


I removed the fixed links on the front and rear hubs & replaced them with TA(T3/T4) turnbuckles c/w RPM rod ends.I also changed the ballstud location on the rear hub,from the back of the hub,to the front.



I just received by courier,two Floureon 5200mAh 2s 30C lipo's. I currently have on order,:- Another set of 1/10th wheels/tyres;a 3900kV motor;a set of wheel adaptors 12mm-17mm to allow me to run 1/8th buggy wheels. I just wish that they weren't on the slow boat from China.
This is where I've currently managed to get to on my upgrades.I'll keep you appraised of my progress.
I've had the Toro motor for well over a year now Woodie,it's been run hard in my old Maverick Strada SC evo 4wd, mostly on grass too and it's never given me any problems.
As to the shock mount brace,well that's part of a rear body mounting plate from one of my many 1/12th Mardave cars. I rough cut it to size with a set of tinsnips,then filed it to shape,drilled the holes and mounted it. I don't know the grade of aluminium used by Mardave,but boy is it tough to cut by hand.

My 5 'Daves'

Another upgrade arrived today,my hex adaptors,though to get them to fit without binding,I had to replace the front plastic hexes with bolt-on alloy ones.
My Fury can now run on 1/8th buggy tyres. Here's the really good news though,width on the front:-296mm ; width on the rear:-297mm.

After today's outing on an astrotuf 1/8th track,I've upgraded the stock 5kg servo to a metal geared 15kg TowerPro servo,as the stock servo was really struggling against the high grip surface of the track. Now this track is not your everyday groomed clay surface which is nice and smooth,this v.high grip surface undulates like you wouldn't believe. The consequence of this is that the poor stock servo really struggles to keep the truck in a straight line.
Now fitted the new 60A esc and 3900kV brushless motor running a 16t pinion until an ordered 15t one comes through,to keep the heat in check. Gear ratio 16/57 mod 1.
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