Dromida MT4.18 Brushless Upgrade


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So, finally got all my parts and pieces to complete the brushed to brushless MT upgrade.
Had a little battle with an unscrupulous eBay seller, by like the cavalry, eBay swooped in to save the day.
The ingredients list:
  • 25A ESC/4800kv Motor
  • Flysky FS-GT2B Tx with Rx
  • 10T gear
  • 8mm to 12mm wheel adapters
  • Drift wheels, I glued, [spun the tires right off the rims on the test run, LOL!]
  • 3S LiPo, up from a 7.2 NiMh
  • New body
Prob one of the smoothest mods I've ever done!
Here's a little slide show of the progress, run time is 1:42, music by BirdBrainz.
Will post some video of the run soon as I get wifely unit to donate some time to this awesome hobby!

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