Kraton Durability?

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I had a bad day today.. second jump and I landed on the side.. many things broke I think now Im wondering what I should order its my first rc car and im not sure what the parts are called, heres some pictures. I was hopeing maybe you could tell me what parts are broken. Its the left side of the car front and back. And also one wheel broke aswell. I guess this plastic is very fragile in cold weather.


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@tung_man Hello, and sorry that you had a hard landing. It would help if you could tell us what car you have. You might also look through your manual. It should have an exploded view with part numbers. Sorry that I'm not much help at this point. :(

Post correction, i did not see that you had posted under kraton....:confused:
Stll, your manual should give you a heads up o_O
My Kraton manual does not have a good exploded view, but the Arrma website does. Open the Kraton Page and there is a window at the bottom. All the part numbers are there. The part numbers above are correct for at least those 2 parts.
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