Senton Dust Guard

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Can anyone tell me the fabric that Dusty Motors and Outerwears uses? I've looked everywhere and can not come up with it. I'm wanting to make a custom one for the Senton.
yea no real luck finding a good cover, so with my wife being the seamstres she is, we are going to design and make our own. will keep you updated
Well here is my proto type, works like a champ, just a few modifications and the next one will be perfect
Let me know when she wants to sell a final product.
not there yet but close to final design. not sure what the cost will be or how many kits we will make. I just went through surgurey on my elbow so everything came to a stop
I was just thinking about making one as well. I was thinking about going over the roll cage, but perhaps I should go under like you did. We will see what I come up with.
I use the dusty motors xl cover and i removed the roll cage and side body guards. It makes it much easier to mess with.
Hi I have the "HPI Savage Flux HP Protection Cover" from Dysty Motors in my Senton. With Rollcage.

That really fits? The protective cover for the HPI Savage Flux is like the universal XL cover. On youtube I've seen that even the XXL cover does not fit.

Can you show more pictures?
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