Dynamite TurboKick

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I read about it, and I've wondered if it actually worked.
But it will give more force to the ESC. If you're ESC not can handle higher voltage you will frie them in the worst case.
Be honest, if you need such thing, you´re other setup is not powerful enough! ;)
Yeah, that is kind of my thought too.
-Mostly useless above 2s setups, as 3s and higher, the short 2-4 seconds of boost really won't be a big enough % to matter.
- If you are bashing, just use a 3s or 4s and and/or a bigger motor be done with it.
-if you are racing, any race where it is allowed (open mod) it is not needed, because everyone is already running more power than they can use.
-Again racing - the classes where this would be cool (blinky 21.5 or 17.5) it will not be allowed.

These e-boost devices seem cool on paper, but just are not practical, considering it is just to easy to run more power than you can use.
Lol, yea, that is the correct designation: " More Power that you can use!"
I have with the Big Rock and 6s already mostly to much power....
Thats why I do not understand that some guys are putting bigger motors or 8s in or thomething like that.
Power makes no sense if you can´t transfer it in movement and have not control about the car.
Before I will change the motor of the Nero, I have a lot of other issues which I would change if one of these parts will be broken.
Ok, in case that I kill the motor, so I´ll will put in a original spare part, cause it will have more than enough power for me an the tracks in my area. (also enough for my skills! ;) )

The E-Booster is just an illusion but it´s looking good on the paper to put some "papers" out of you´re wallet! :)
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