Easy threaded body mount..


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I have learned to hate body mount pins. I know there are good kits that convert to a threaded body mount. I think I achieved similar results with stuff I had on-hand.

I took a plain 1/4-20 metal nut and used it to cut threads onto the body mount posts. Now I use 1/4-20 wing nuts to secure the body. Add a rubber washer under the nut and you also stop the noisy body rattle. Black wing nuts would look better but these are what I had. The body was also rattling against the front bumper. I could have just trimmed the body but I stuck a piece of silicone tubing on the front bumper and now the truck is much quieter.
2016.Sept24.Fury-wing-nut2.jpg 2016.Sept24.Fury-wing-nut.jpg 2016.Sept24.Fury-wing-nut3.jpg
2016.Sept24.Fury-bumper.jpg 2016.Sept24.Fury-Castle2.jpg 2016.Sept24.Fury-Castle.jpg