ECX Vs. Arrma

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After owning the ECX ruckus 4x4 I was rather disappointed in it as on overall product.

Looking forward to seeing how this holds up to brushless power and how durable its going to be as a basher.

Big Squid RC seems to think it can hold its own in this review

If anyone has some build comparisons, please post them. My primary concerns are the A-Arm mount durability and drivetrain slop.
Apparently they don't like trees. :)
Both make great beginner RC's and are certainly far better than the Exceed and other really low end brands out there. Both ECX and Arrma can be hit and miss sometimes when it comes to parts availability.

For me one of my LHS carries a number of Arrma models and several parts while the other LHS carries more ECX and not so much Arrma so it's really dependant on your LHS. eBay seems to be fairly easy to find most parts if you want to shop online... I'd strongly suggest supporting your LHS first though if you can.

On the aftermarket side there isn't a HUGE offering for either really, except RPM does make a few parts for the 2WD ECX models. It'd be great to see RPM make some A-arms for Arrma as well!

Reviews wise both seem to get good reviews and BigSquidRC seems to really love Arrma. Personally I'm thinking about adding a Arrma Kraton to my list of RC's.
It is hard to say without a real life 1 to 1 comparison review.
The problem with a dedicated basher car like the Granite, is that every material has it's physical limit what it can take.
And bashers beat up their cars. Eventually something will break. Especially with brushless BLX power on 3S. Than you have the guarantee that something will break.

The problem with Arrma at the moment is that there are not many hop-up parts. And that is a petty.
I have found some shocks for example, but they are difficult to get.
How long has Arrma been around? I haven't heard of them until recently I know when I used to travel around alot of company's that are popular in the U.S. where now that common say in Dubai. Could be one of those situations and given time they can build in popularity where parts are plentiful. I remember when I first got into the hobby Associated and Losi where the top 2 and HPI wasn't even on the map.
Since 2011.
And quickly they were taken under the hood of Hobbico, which put them together since last year with Team Durango.
Arrma became quite popular in a short period among other thanks to Ultimate RC's TheJang's review of the SCT Fury MEGA. He was very positive about this new kid on the block. Among other metal gears, fluid filled metal differential stock, and much better handling out of the box than a Slash for example made it a bit popular.
Unfortunately there was a differential problem, which gave Arrma a bad name. Many people changed the whole diff for the HPI Blitz SCT 1/10 diff, which solved the issue.

In 2013 Arrma introduced the BLX models next to the brushed (but brush-less ready), which had a much better diff and some improved parts.
Good thing was these parts were most of them fully compatible (interchangeable) with the older MEGA cars.

But the biggest change came with last years introduction of the 1/8 scale 4x4 models! Suddenly most LHS have them on the shelves, where as the 1/10 2wd were quite rare before that.
These 1/8 scale models are developed together with Team Durango. It is said they are compatible with all the upcoming 1/8 TD cars.
This would give a huge boost thanks to the availability of hop-up and third party parts for Durango, which should fit the Arrma vehicles as well.

This is in a nutshell the history. Please let me know if I missed something, or that I have given wrong information.
Where's Rolex when you need him and his 55 gallon drum of carnuba.
Here I am. Yeah, a good buffing will take care of that. After you've buffed the tree, you'll need to repair the truck.
I'm impressed by the beating it took in cold weather. Most plastics get very brittle below a certain temp.
Cool thanks for the history, the diffs may have hurt them but they should bounce back from that look at the early Savages. They had some diff issues to and moste everybody was doing the Ofna diff mod on them and they are still going strong.
...They had some diff issues to and moste everybody was doing the Ofna diff mod on them and they are still going strong.

I did not know that one, thanks!
Luckily the 2014 differential maintenance kit solved all issues...that said up to BLX power.
If you put some Castle 4-pole 4000kV plus mayhem motor in it I have no idea.
My friend and I bought trucks at the same time. Mine a fury mega, his a torment. So far they both are tough as nails. We will see how they do with us bashers! Fury wins on battery compartment and clearance right up front! The stock radio on the torment is pretty sweet. The battery plug (ec3) is kinda limited on rtr batteries on the torment. I'm a tweaker of things,he is not. Let's see who breaks first!
As a owner of, ECX 2wd ruckus that has been upgraded to brushless. And owning the arrma granite blx, stock form except for fluids and bearings. I can honestly say, they both hold their own! This is from my experience, others have different opinions of both vehicles. I only hope that, RPM picks up arrma quickly.
Apparently they don't like trees. :)View attachment 5

I haven't personally owned an ecx rukus before but as for the granite blx it's been tough as nails. Only real issues I've had are needing to rebiuld the diff which wasn't hard and under warranty, and replacing the servo which is common for most trucks you buy. Other then that the only thing I've found is that if you cartwheel super hard on pavement the dog bones will fly out sometimes. I beat the tar out of this truck and is stands up to it well.
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